1. What is LeaseStar Social?
    LeaseStar Social is the leading multifamily online resident referral tool.
  2. How does LeaseStar Social work?
    LeaseStar Social brings existing resident referral programs online and enables residents to make referrals by harnessing the power of social networks.
  3. How do I launch a LeaseStar Social referral campaign?
    It is simple to launch your online Referral Program. Simply post your property, create a campaign, upload emails and launch! Please follow this link to better understand the process.
  4. What are the benefits of using LeaseStar Social?
    LeaseStar Social is beneficial to Property Managers, Residents and Prospective Residents. Please visit our Benefits page to see a detailed list.
  5. Does this change our existing referral process?
    No. How you reward and process resident referral bonuses doesn't change. We simply help residents distribute the referral message to their friends through a range of social media. We could be thought of as a next generation resident referral door hanger.
  6. What are Social Networks?
    Social Networks are online communication tools used by hundreds of millions of people on a daily basis. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo are just a few of the leading sites. As of 2009, in aggregate, these four leaders alone have nearly 300 million users.
  7. Are my residents on Social Networks? What about Affordable, University and/or Market-Rate housing?
    LeaseStar Social has worked with hundreds of properties in Affordable, University and Market-Rate multi-family housing; all of which have shown great social media response. The Internet and social networks have great reach.
  8. How is LeaseStar Social integrated with Facebook and other Social Networks?
    LeaseStar Social is fully integrated with Facebook Connect, Plaxo, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, AOL, and Outlook in order to facilitate referral communication amongst friends.
  9. How do we send the LeaseStar Social campaign message to our residents?
    Residents receive the campaign message via email. It is an opt-in program. If residents prefer not to receive messages from the program, there is an unsubscribe option which will opt-out of any additional future email communications from LeaseStar Social.
  10. What is a Participation Incentive?
    A Participation Incentive is rewarded to the first few residents that participate in the online referral program. We recommend a reward of $5-$15 for the first few residents who participate. Participation is achieved when residents post a referral online. See the process page.
  11. Who establishes the Participation Incentive?
    The Property Manager determines the Participation Incentive. Recommended gifts include premium coffee cards, (Music), (Movies), (All Gifts), (Books, etc.), prepaid visa cards @, gas cards at local gas station, etc.
  12. How does the Property Manager fulfill the Participation Incentive?
    The Participation Incentive winners are notified by LeaseStar Social to stop by the leasing office to pick-up their Gift Card or the Gift Card is fulfilled electronically. LeaseStar Social notifies Property Managers of the list of resident winners.
  13. What is a Referral Bonus?
    A Referral Bonus is offered by the Property to Residents when they successfully refer a friend to their property. If the referral results in a signed lease, the resident is rewarded with the referral bonus. These bonuses typically vary from $50 - $1,500 across the country.
  14. Who sets the Referral Bonus?
    The Property Manager sets the referral bonus amount for their property; it is usually whatever the going referral bonus is at that time. The amount can be changed prior to each campaign.
  15. Do residents have to be on Social Networks to use LeaseStar Social?
    Residents do not have to be on social networks to use LeaseStar Social. Facebook users can log-in through their existing Facebook accounts. Non-Facebook users can create a LeaseStar Social account and send referral emails.
  16. How can residents send targeted emails on to their friends?
    After activating their account, residents are prompted to access contacts from various social media accounts and have the option to distribute the property referral online.
  17. Do you send messages to residents without our approval?
    No. Messages are only sent to residents with prior approval of the Property Manager.
  18. When residents refer the property online, where do the email messages or Facebook notifications come from?
    All outbound referral messages come from the Resident to their friend, the Prospective Resident.
  19. How do I know the program is working? Can I measure results?
    Distribution results can be viewed and tracked immediately following the launch of a campaign. The results can be seen by clicking the Reports tab under the Manage Campaigns tab. You will have immediate feedback on Open Rates, Click-Throughs, Online Referrals Posted, Facebook Notifications, etc.
  20. How do I know how much referral traffic has been generated?
    LeaseStar Social tracks the outbound distribution of your referral message across all your residents. Prospective Residents that click through the links are reported, however, since a lot of our distribution leads to Word of Mouth referrals, we rely on leasing staff to track referral traffic and ultimately leases signed.
  21. How often should I send a referral campaign to residents?
    You determine the frequency of the campaigns. However, our studies show for maximum effectiveness a campaign cycle of once every 2 months is recommended.
  22. Are my residents email addresses secure?
    Yes. Your residents email addresses are secure. See email privacy policy.
  23. Are you integrated with other service providers in the industry?
    Yes, LeaseStar Social can be integrated with most any apartment technology.
  24. Who is using LeaseStar Social?
    The LeaseStar Social referral service is being used by leading residential management companies across the United States and Canada.
  25. How much does this cost?
    Pricing varies based on the number of units and the frequency of the campaigns. Please contact a LeaseStar Social sales team member for pricing.
  26. How does billing work?
    We bill the property directly after the launch of each individual campaign.
  27. How do I get started?
    Create a campaign online or for additional support email the sales team at